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Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects....

Recently I was fortunate enough to get to review the book "Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects & Activities for Dads & Kids to Share"

Physically I am not a dad...last time I checked but this book is good for moms too.
What a fun, educational but not in a boring way, book!

The projects range from preschool age to high school age.
A lil something for everyone.  Which works out great for me because Bobster and I have children of every age range covered in this book.  When I was reading it I was focused on activities for the almost 4 year old because he is just constant motion and some days he just needs to slow down.

Cheeks & I really liked the Fireflies for Every Season activity.  All one needs is batteries, 5mm yellow LED's, fabric & electrical tape.  Poof, you are set to enjoy the excitement of fireflies anywhere at any time!

Other activites in this book include:
  • Build an Outdoor Movie Theater
  • Cyborg Jack o' Lanterns
  • Exploding Drink Practical Joke
  • The Science of Composting
  • A Never Ending Demolition Derby
I would definitely check this book out.  Keeps the kids from getting carpal tunnel in their thumbs from all the Xbox & PS2! Ha!

Have you read this book?
Done any activities?

Let me know.

Tell me what book you recommend for stuff to do with kids!


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