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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Role Tourism Plays in Local Economies

Before we get to the nitty gritty...have you ever been to Cape Cod?
I have, with "he who shall not be named"
Ya know, back in the day!

I loved it so.
Very peaceful and calming.
Just what I actually.

Anyway check out this sponsored post! 
Tell me what you think.

The role of Cape Cod tourism in the local economy is huge. Tourist towns have a large dependence on the money that flows into the city through tourists. Because tourist towns rely on the tourism dollars, they will see some wider swings in their economy than a town that does not rely on tourist revenue. This means they have to be extra careful in how they plan the future for their town. Having a strong reserve for down years is critical to the town.
Marketing Is Critical for Tourist Towns
One aspect that every tourist town knows is vital to their existence is marketing. A tourist town must continue to market. If people do not know, or forget, what a town like that has to offer, they will not continue to visit. It is critical that every citizen in a town like that understand the value of marketing to the vitality of their home. Some people who are not business savvy may want to cut marketing budgets when things are tight. Cutting a marketing budget is the largest mistake a business can make when they are struggling. The same holds true for a tourist town.

What Makes a Town a Tourist Attraction
There are thousands upon thousands of towns across America. What sets one apart as a tourist town is essentially what is offered there that is of value and cannot be found elsewhere. For example, Cape Cod is a tourist town because of the prevalence and strength of the fishing industry, along with the beauty found there. This makes Cape Cod a great place to vacation and relax. People want to go somewhere that is beautiful and relaxing when they get away from home.

Planning for the Tourist
Planning from a wise city council is crucial in making sure the tourist’s money is maximized. For example, making sure that large events in the town are not double scheduled is crucial. When large events are double booked, it can hurt the economy through a lack of hotel rooms available. However, events that are not expected to exceed the limits of hotel and restaurant capacity in the city can be scheduled at the same time. Cape Cod tourism plays a large role in the overall economy of the town and surrounding towns.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Working Through a Child Custody Attorney

As many of my long time readers know, my older boys are from the Bobster's first marriage.
Last summer Bob had to go for child custody of his 14yo and he received it.

It's important to remember the bottom line if the happiness of the child.
I thought this guest post would shed some light on the situation.

Divorce is never an easy thing. However, it becomes a lot more complicated when there are children involved. In a best-case scenario, the mother and father both recognize the need for their children to have both parents and work together to make that happen. In a worst-case scenario, both parents become angry at each other and hold their children hostage to try to get what they want from the other party. In either case, it is best to get a San Jose child custody attorney to help you through the process. Even when both parents agree to let each other see the children, trying to do what it best for them, it can change down the road. Having an attorney help sort through all the legalities in the beginning can avoid problems down the road.

Remember the Children Pay a Price in Every Divorce

No matter how amicable a divorce may be, the children pay a price. Sometimes, the divorce may be the lesser of two evils in the psychological health of a child. However, even in that case, they are still going to pay a price. The world they have known is getting turned upside down. They have to adjust to adult situations even though they are not adults.

When to Hire an Attorney

When both partners decide that they are going to get a divorce, it is time to begin looking for an attorney. No matter what the situation with the divorce, if it is going to happen, it is good to get an attorney who can help with the legalities of child custody. It is better to have that aspect taken care of as soon as possible for the sake of the children.

Recognize the Needs of the Children

When working out the details through the legal system on the custody of your children, be sure to guide your San Jose child custody attorney on what you would like done. Just because you may be able to legally gain more custody time with your children does not always mean you should. You know your children well and should make sure that the decisions made are in their best interest.


Useful Facts about MBA Degree

I do have plans to go back & get my Masters on day.
In library science.
For now, though I am raising my family. 
I thought this Guest Post would really bring home as to why it's important to get your MBA.

Earning your MBA in Colorado is a step toward a more satisfying job, better income, and an overall career growth. The graduates of MBA programs usually earn 50% more than they did before pursuing the degree. Here are some facts you should keep in mind if you decide to apply for an MBA.

Prior Education
While many people believe that to pursue an MBA one must have an undergraduate degree in business, this is not the case. MBA programs were originally established to meet the needs of working professionals, such as scientists and engineers, who were promoted into management roles without having prior leadership experience. An MBA degree would help them fill that gap and become successful in their new positions. Graduates of any discipline can apply to be an MBA student, be it psychology, history, or law.

School’s Ranking
Contrary to popular thinking, top-tiered schools are not the only ones worth getting your MBA degree from. The fact is, these schools receive a very large amount of applications, rejecting as many as 90% of those. While you can try applying to the school that is your first choice, it is worth to also send applications to several other less-known schools, the degree from which can be just as valuable. When choosing the schools you want to apply to, a good place to start is the Official MBA Guide. This database lists thousands of MBA programs around the world, allowing you to search the schools by rank, alphabetic order, region, or keyword.

Work Experience
Some MBA programs give preference to the applicants who have two to four years of experience in their fields of work. Others are willing to accept students who have just completed their undergraduate degrees and have done well on their GMAT tests. Before applying to get your MBA in Colorado, check the school’s requirements and see whether it accepts students of your experience level. Keep in mind that you are likely to get more practical knowledge from a school that accepts people with at least some prior work history. Class interaction with other students who have work experience can be as valuable as the theoretical knowledge you obtain from the books.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And The Winner is........

The Winner of the American Dairy Association I Love Greek Yogurt is:

Bethany Nelson

I've emailed Bethany.
She will have 48 hrs to respond, if no response I will pick a new winner.


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Dress Up Is Not Just for Halloween

Although I have boys, I do have nieces and I remember being a little girl!
Dress up, for boys or girls is always fun.  That's why I am letting this guest post happen!
How fun!

When people think of little girls playing dress up, they think of them wearing their mom’s high-heeled shoes, lip stick on their faces, and maybe wearing a big hat and sunglasses. Wearing grandmas and moms’ old cloths is not what children want when it comes to dress up. When they want to play dress up, they want to look like princesses or a favorite cartoon character. What is even more astonishing is that make believe dress up is not just for little girls any more. Little boys love to play dress up too and be like their favorite super hero or cartoon characters!

If you are looking for a Snow White outfit in a size 3, or a Spiderman outfit in a size 4, and it is not close to the Halloween season, then you are going to have a hard time finding that special dress-up outfit for your child or grandchild. Dress up is not just for Halloween anymore. Children are wearing these outfits all year round.

Birthdays are a special occasion, and children are having themed parties. Your little girl loves Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and wants a Little Mermaid-themed birthday party. You order an Ariel cake and get matching plates, napkins, and decorations for this special birthday party. That is not enough anymore. Many parents are also getting costumes for the birthday child, and sometimes the guests are encouraged to attend dressed up in a costume that matches the theme.

These special dress-up outfits are hard to find when it is not the Halloween season but can be found on the Internet all year long for a reasonable price. You can custom order just about any outfit your child likes and someone will make it for you. Many companies even make them child friendly by not using buttons and zippers, and using Velcro to adjust the sizes.

If you want to be the favorite grandma or grandpa, invest in some superhero costumes or maybe a Snow White outfit. These costumes not only make you the favorite grandparent, they also give your grandchildren hours and hours of make-believe entertainment.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Guest Post: The Importance of Swim Lessons for Young Kids

This is a special guest post that is near & dear to my heart.
Cheeks is starting swim lessons this week through his camp.

Kids and water do not always mix well. Far too many kids drown every year because they did not know how to swim. Ironically, too many parents are unaware of how young their kids can learn how to swim. Putting kids in swim lessons at a very young age can help them to become good swimmers early in their lives. The more kids that know how to swim, the fewer drownings there will be.

Helping Kids Overcome the Fear of Water
The best thing that any parent can do is to introduce their babies to water early. If they are accustomed to being in the water while being held by someone they trust, then they will become accustomed to water. Of course, there needs to be a healthy respect for water and the dangers it can pose, but a child that fears the water will not remain calm in an emergency situation when or if they need to. If your child already had a fear of the water, it is time to help them through that. The best thing a parent can do to help with this is to place them in a situation where they feel safe in the water. This usually means they need to get them in the pool when there is no one else in there. They need to feel they have the complete attention of their parents. It is also helpful to have calm water around, hence the need to get in when no one else is in the pool. Work with them on floating on their back. Of course, another way to help them is through professional lessons on swimming and water safety.

Translating Lessons to Safety on the Lake
Taking swim lessons at the local swimming pool is one thing, but it is important to help your child learn how the skills they learn there can translate into safety on a lake or at the ocean. These are places where the water will behave a little differently. Make sure your child understands how water works in these situations. Teach them why it is important for them to use a life jacket when on a large body of water like a lake or the ocean, despite knowing how to swim.

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