Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Useful Facts about MBA Degree

I do have plans to go back & get my Masters on day.
In library science.
For now, though I am raising my family. 
I thought this Guest Post would really bring home as to why it's important to get your MBA.

Earning your MBA in Colorado is a step toward a more satisfying job, better income, and an overall career growth. The graduates of MBA programs usually earn 50% more than they did before pursuing the degree. Here are some facts you should keep in mind if you decide to apply for an MBA.

Prior Education
While many people believe that to pursue an MBA one must have an undergraduate degree in business, this is not the case. MBA programs were originally established to meet the needs of working professionals, such as scientists and engineers, who were promoted into management roles without having prior leadership experience. An MBA degree would help them fill that gap and become successful in their new positions. Graduates of any discipline can apply to be an MBA student, be it psychology, history, or law.

School’s Ranking
Contrary to popular thinking, top-tiered schools are not the only ones worth getting your MBA degree from. The fact is, these schools receive a very large amount of applications, rejecting as many as 90% of those. While you can try applying to the school that is your first choice, it is worth to also send applications to several other less-known schools, the degree from which can be just as valuable. When choosing the schools you want to apply to, a good place to start is the Official MBA Guide. This database lists thousands of MBA programs around the world, allowing you to search the schools by rank, alphabetic order, region, or keyword.

Work Experience
Some MBA programs give preference to the applicants who have two to four years of experience in their fields of work. Others are willing to accept students who have just completed their undergraduate degrees and have done well on their GMAT tests. Before applying to get your MBA in Colorado, check the school’s requirements and see whether it accepts students of your experience level. Keep in mind that you are likely to get more practical knowledge from a school that accepts people with at least some prior work history. Class interaction with other students who have work experience can be as valuable as the theoretical knowledge you obtain from the books.