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The Kids Are All Right by Diana & Liz Welch with Amanda & Dan Welch

As you know I belong to an online book club.
From Left to Write is the name of the club.
Catchy eh?
I like it.

Anyway our lastest book is The Kids Are All Right by the Welch children.
It's a memoir.
What an awesome book.

As a background these children lost their father, mysteriously in a car accident, then the mother is diagnosed with cancer that eventually takes her from her children.  The book chronicles the individual memories of these children.

Thankfully my sister and I have not lost either of our parents.  I am curious to know her memories vs mine of our parents.  Especially because she is 13 years & 6 days younger than me. Not to mention, our parents divorced when I was 15 and she was 2.  She doesn't remember all of us living in one room together nor does she remember all of us living together at all.

I remember my dad bringing home the police car so my friends and I could see inside.  I remember taking a day every holiday season to go shopping with my mom (that Nana) & my Nana.  I especially liked when we went to Clover and at in their little restaurant.  I don't think my sister even remembers Clover. 

My sister and I have our own memories of doing stuff together, just us girls.  I am sure she will remember certain details that I may not or vice verses.

Could I ever write a memoir of our memories? Maybe.  Would it be as well written and thought provoking as The Kids Are All Right? Not sure but I'd give it a good try!

Tell me, what are you reading right now?


liz welch said…
Dear Meghan, thanks so much for reading our book for the Left to Write book club! Such an AMWESOME concept! And thanks for posting such a sweet story about it.. one of my favorite things about writing this book with my siblings is how we all remember everything so differently--from the details about our father's funeral, to the way we experienced the cottage (the place we moved after our dad died--I HATED it. I was 14. Diana, only 5, loved it.) I think this is true of ALL siblings. And it is amazing to me that you can grow up in the same house and witness the same events and yet experience them so incredibly differently. That you and your sister are so far apart in age.. makes for an amazing story! I hope you do write your memoir one day! All best, liz welch
This was a great book. I think it would be very interesting to really compare memories with my siblings.

Thanks! I like the catchy title of From Left to Write too! :)
Emily said…
This book definitely wants to make you write a memoir with your siblings!
I am writing my memoir and I have certainly learned in the process that my siblings memories of our childhood are different than mine. It was comforting to know the Welch children had this same experience. At first, I thought I had to write the memoir so it reflected the Truth with a capital T. Then I realized there was no one Truth, but the truth that we each experienced.

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