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Plum District

Plum District is for savvy moms.
I'm a savvy mom....ok, I like to think I am a savvy mom...tee hee.

It's similar to Groupon.
Great deals for cheap.

Here's how it works:
Check out the daily Plum Deal. If you like it, click the “Buy” button.
Share the deal with friends and take advantage of a $10 Plum Dollar referral bonus for every friend you refer that purchases a Plum Deal.
When you receive your email confirmation, just print out your Plum Certificate, bring it with you and enjoy your purchase!

You do not have to share the deal with friends to actually purchase the deal. You can still "buy" the deal.

I am signed up.
Love it.

Let me know if you've signed up.

Here's my link:

Plum District

I will earn referrel points from your sign up but if you prefer to just sign up on your own, click this link:

Plum District

Hey, if you know of a buying group site, let me know in the comments.
I love them!


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