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The Listerine Reach Challenge, Are You Ready?

This challenge could not have come at a better time for this household.
Why do you say that, you ask?

Take a look:
That's right. The 5yo lost his first tooth (his first tooth to come in as well..I'm distraught but that's another post).

My family and I were challenged by Listerine and Reach to improve our oral health.
I was up for it and since what I say goes, so was my family.

The first thing the Cheeks wanted to try was his new toothbrush that Reach provided.  It's a Batman toothbrush.  Perfect for the Superhero obsessed child that he is.  The piece de resistance:

Not only was there a picture of Batman on the front but after I explained how mouthwash works (that you get to spit), Cheeks had enthusiam oozing out of his pores.

He has added mouthwash to his morning and nightly brushing routine.  It is going great!

For the rest of the family I informed them of a few things I learned:

    • Brushing your teeth alone misses the germs in 75 percent of your mouth.
  •       15% of people do not kiss their loved ones because of how bad there teeth are.  
  • Nearly 75% of people suffer from gingivitis & do not realize it!

Now they needed more convincing, so I gave them all new toothbrushes, courtesy of Reach and then I showed them this:

Another irrestable item to this family of boys.

So we have all agreed to start new habits by brushing, flossing and mouthwashing.  From the oldest (ahem, me) down to the youngest (Cheeks).  We even have a cool chart that Listerine & Reach provided.  This is keeping Cheeks on track & when he has completed a whole week, he will get a reward.  Of course, something that you do not eat.

I challenge you to do the same:

Check out the challenge yourself over here : CHALLENGE

Let me know though, do you brush & floss & rinse regularly anyway? Or will this be something new for you?  Leave me a comment.

*While I was compensated for this post by The Motherhood, all opinions are 100% mine*


Congratulations!!! I like the fact that you're using mouthwash too. Mouthwash has become extremely underrated in society today. It does an amazing job at cleaning and destroying germs and bacteria that your tooth brush can't get to.

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