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Ready, Steady, Shoot ~ Review & Giveaway!!!!!

Ready, Steady, Shoot.
Three words you need to know for great videos of whatever you desire.

That's it.
Just three little words.

Easy, right?
I know, a lot of people freeze up when it comes to taking videos.

This book, Pocket Posh Guide to Great Home Video, Ready, Steady, Shoot by Roger Sherman, is the book for all of us.
All. Of. Us.
No exceptions.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review it.
It is extremely informative.
My fav chapter: Zooming Equals Death.
Poetic, no?
Seriously, it explains why zooming is not always the best option when filming (ever see Blair Witch Project? Have to take an anti-nausea pill afterwards?...that why!)

Remember, now a days, you aren't just using a video camera to film...everything from a Flip to your iPhone is able to take videos now.  This book is essential for all the video capable devices.

Using the author's 10 Shot Video learning system, anyone can practice making short, easy to understand exercises to get the hang of it.  The best part: The book is only about 4x6 so it is easily portable.  I take it with me to Cheeks flag football on Sunday & read when he's not playing.  Seriously, flag football can be slow you know...tee hee.

Of course, this book will be coming in very handy when Tim graduates this June.  In 2008,  ok 1998, hmph in 1988 when I graduated high school no one thought to video me.  Of course back in the day video cameras where huge...they were getting smaller but nothing like today.  Can you really believe I graduated that long ago? I know! Me either.

I digress.

Now onto the best part, how would you like to own this book?
Your very own copy of Pocket Posh Guide to Great Home Video, Ready, Steady, Shoot by Roger Sherman!

Just fill out the Rafflecopter form & your chances are good!!!!

Now on with the show:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


DevotedMommy said…
Hi Meghan! You have a wonderful blog!
kerry said…
Looks like a great book I found you through Karmabloggers group on facebook.
This looks like a very handy book to have around to kick off my son's teenage years.
Jennifer Auer said…
My graduations weren't recorded either but I'm trying to record a lot now. I think this book will help me do that better.

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