Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Internet Mom Community

This is a special guest post:

Almost every day I find myself wondering how Mom did this without the Internet.

I have two precious little girls right now, and there is hardly a day that I don't go online to a site like everydayfamily.com for some special advice or question.

I've talked to several other moms in my parent's group and they feel the same way.

When my husband and I went off birth control to ttc, we gained a lot of confidence from what we were able to learn online. Since then, as we started the family, we have gotten a ton of coupons and samples that help with the budget a lot.

Plus, we have found some good products that we continue to use. Of course, I have the books that Mom gave me and we talk all the time. She always has good advice to give, and she always enjoys giving it.

Thankfully, she even appreciates the online services, also.
Several sites I use were found by her doing some extra searches. I guess the parenting job can never have too many helpers and sources of information.

I think we are going to go for number three soon, and one reason I am willing to is all the resources we have access to. Whether it is waiting with ttc or raising them with TLC, I am grateful for all the Internet access we have to great tips and products.

It makes me wonder about what else my daughters will be able to use when their time comes to give me grandbabies.

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsered post***