Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just for fun #Giveaway: 2 Coupons for free Turkey Hill Gelato

This is a totally free, just for fun giveaway.

I tried Turkey Hill Gelato.
I liked it.

Now I want you to try it.

So get to getting & enter the giveaway.


Literary Winner

I have had Gelato and loved it! I think the best I ever had was at a gelato stand in the mall. It was the traditional hazelnut flavor.

maggie at literary winner dot com

Reesa Lewandowski

We love gelato! Any flavor please!


Loooove gelato! Chocolate is my favorite! The first gelato I ever had was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Rebecca Williams

Yes, it's a favorite of mine. Love the chocolate.

Ashley Kolpak

I have had it and I like it! I liked one with reece's peanut butter cups in it

vickie marks allbright

oh looks great i have never had it before

Elizabeth B

Yes, I've had gelato, but its been quite a few years! There was this awesome little gelato place in my college town.


Yes, at Rita's!

Amy C.

I love Gelato! I usually go for the tiramisu or coffee flavor.

Tara L

Would be great to try never had Gelato before but everyone is talking about the chocolate I would love to try that one (:

Amy Lauren

I love gelato, especially the one with chocolate chips in it.

Rozelyn De Sagun

Love Gelato! Anything with chocolate and coffee will be great!


I've had the peach and loved it. Sprinkle some gramh cracker crumbs on top for a special treat !! Ty for this chance


I first had gelato in Italy when we were on our honeymoon.. it was so good. I think I liked the chocolate the most.


Love it

Diane Sullivan

I have actually never tasted Gelato!! I CAN"T believe it. I never thought about it until I saw your giveaway. Am I missing out??? Any flavor would do, they all sound awesome...Now I WANT Gelato!!!! lol. Thanks for the chance. Good Luck all!