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DownEast = Modest = Trendy

I love to dress up or dress down.
I like to be trendy but I like to be modest.

Modest clothing leaves a little allure for those women who want to stay trendy but not be over the top sexy.  Trust me, at over 40...although I am on the low, low side of over 40,  and the mom of three, I do not need the "girls" to be hanging out or the thighs to be showing.

Growing up LDS I was taught from an early age to dress modest.  Little did my parents know I would go through a phase of turtle necks and prairie skirts.  It was the 80's people! The 80's!!

Now as I am older I don't want heavy clothing on (hot flashes ya know) but I don't want skimpy either (weight problem..not pretty).

Searching for modest clothing I found this:

Doesn't it sort of remind you of the dress in the polo scene in Pretty Woman that Julia Roberts wore?  Of course it's blue and has sleeves but that is not the point. Ha!

Now take a look at this skirt:

I am such a sucker for polka dots.
Good news? They are trendy!

Not to mention, you can jazz these two items up with some funky jewelry.  Or go more classic style and wear some small diamond studs...or "qz" studs in my financial case.  I made another funny.

Seriously, just because you may be a bit older and you want to dress a little more covered up then some doesn't mean you can rock trends.
Look for some classic pieces to pay with the more contempary modest pieces and get your trend on!

Skirts do not have to be cut up to there and shirts do not have to be cut down to there.  Some of my most complimented days are when I wear a very modest boat neck blouse with a pair of wide legged trousers.  It's in style but keeps me covered up. Win, win in my book!

How do you do it?
How do dress modest but still rock the trend?
Tell me...I am always looking for more ways incorporate stylish pieces plus I need another excuse for a bit of a shopping spree.  Although I will tell my husband I need to do some research, we will keep the spree just between us gals, ok?

*Disclaimer: Sponsored post, all views/opinions are 100% mine.


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