Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh Kia, You're So Fine, You're so Fine You Blow My Mind, Hey Kia!

I have a Kia.

See...there I am...in my Kia. Shoobee dobeeing along!
I adore my Kia and am thinking of upgrading from the Sedona to a Kia Sorrento from Kia Sorrento in Bridgewater.

Why Bridgewater? Why Kia?
1.  Bridgewater isn't far from my home
2.  Kia rocks.
My 2007 Kia has served my growing family just wonderfully.
Spacious is an understatement & kid friendly is being modest.
3 boys, plus one nephew and one man child husband and this Kia has served us fabulously.
We have even let our now 19yo son, drive our Kia when he barely had a license.
Both Bobster & I felt it was safe enough and we had driven with our oldest plenty of times.
I say it was a good thing he learned to drive on a our car as it gives him the opportunity to handle a bit of a larger vehicle and we feel comfortable knowing it's a safe, reliable car.
Not to mention the sound system.
Sure, what 19 yo doesn't love to drive around listening to his brother's Elmo cd or him mother's Duran Duran Greatest Hits cd.
Wait? Are you telling me this isn't a hit among the teen angst crowd.
Well none the less he has his own car now.
Which leads me to us upgrading.
The oldest boy and the nephew now drive on their own so our days of chauffering everyone are limited.
Right now we just have the 14yo and 6yo to cart around...with various sports equipment.
That's why we are taking a look at the Kia Sorrento in Bridgewater.  There is still plenty of room in the Sorrento and it is a bit more stylish than our current mini van.  Plus it will come with that new car smell!
Seriously though, we are a happy Kia family.  Our Kia has never let us down, given us great driving experiences and fit our large family for years now.
We are going to be a Kia family for years to come!
*Disclaimer: Sponsored post, all views/opinions are my own.


Felicia McB

We had a Sorento (2004) and traded it in back in 2008 because gas prices were so high we couldn't afford that gas guzzler anymore. We really loved the size of the Sorento but just couldn't afford it anymore. We traded in for a 2008 Jeep Compass and love it. It's a little smaller but still roomy and gets WAY better gas mileage even now. We've got over 100.000 miles and it's still rocking and rolling. :)