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Guest Post: The Key Elements of Feng Shui

Are you struggling to find peace and happiness in your life? The ancient practice of feng shui can help you find the balance necessary to find happiness and reach even your largest goals. How can you
practice feng shui? There are many
books on Feng Shui available that go into great detail explaining the processes of implementing the elements of feng shui. Before you can learn how to implement them, you must understand the five key elements that Feng Shui divides the world into.

Wood is the first element of feng shui and it is thought to harness the power of creativity. Wood
represents birth, growth, strength, flexibility, and intuition. Like all the other elements, the key is to find a balance in the amount of wood present in your life. Too much can make you feel overwhelmed, stubborn, and inflexible; while too little can create a lack of creativity, depression, or stagnancy. The shapes, colors, and textures of trees, flowers, and plants can bring more wood into your life.

The second element of feng shui is fire which increases your enthusiasm and leadership skills. However, too much fire can make you agree, irritable, or even impulsive. Without enough fire in your life, you will feel a coldness, lack of self-esteem, and an inability to express yourself. Sunlight and candles, electronic equipment, animal prints, and shades of red can increase the fire in your space.

Earth is the next element you need to incorporate in your life. Earth has much to do with your physical strength and stability. Perfectly balanced, you will feel order, balance, and sense of being grounded. Too much or too little and you will feel overly heavy/sluggish or disorganized and chaotic. Earth tones, square shapes, and images of landscapes can help ground you.

Metal is most connected with your mind’s ability to be clear and logical. Metal helps you become more organized, focus, and even righteous. It can also help improve your analytical abilities. Too much metal can result in a person that is too chatty, critical, and one who speaks before thinking. Too little metal and you may become overly cautious, quiet, and unable to focus. How can you incorporate metals? Through the use of items made of iron, aluminum, gold, or silver; rocks and stones; and round or oval shapes.

The final element of feng shui is water which is symbolic of your emotions and spirituality. If you feel unbalanced, overwhelmed, or even lonely, you may have too much or too little water. You’ll recognize the right balance when you feel inspired, insightful, and wise. The learn more about putting these elements into practice in your home, pick up some books on feng shui today!

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