Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer?

Your wedding day, as some say, may be the best day of your life. As such, you will probably want something to remember it by. While you can try dawning your wedding dress and tuxedo around the house every once in a while, it may be more practical to find a wedding photographer. But this task can be one of the most daunting items of planning a wedding. Photographers seem to be everywhere, with a wide variety to styles and prices that can be frightening. But there are many avenues you can take to assist you with finding just the right one, including looking into if your venue, like the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, recommends any photographers.
Preliminary Search

Venues may have photographers on site or may have studios that previous clients have enjoyed that they recommend. You may also choose to ask recently married friends or family who they used as their photographer for their Cape Cod weddings, or if they know of any good photographers in the area. Once you obtain these recommendations, however, make sure to do your own research. Visit any of the websites, blogs, and Facebook pages the photographer may have. View as much of their work as possible in order to get an idea of whether or not their style fits what you desire for your wedding. Maybe you are looking for a photographer who employs planned, posed portraits, or maybe you prefer one that is more into capturing the moment. Do you enjoy stylized photos that are tilted, artistically blurred and focused, or something more traditional? What about black and white, sepia, or other special effects?

Narrowing It Down
Once you have found a few photographers you think you may like, set up an interview. Make sure to leave yourself with a few options, however, as some of the photographers may not be available for your wedding day. At the interview, ask to see more of the photographers work. If you are at a studio, make sure it is their work specifically. If possible, try to view full sets from one or two weddings. Will the style of your work fit your chosen venue? It may help to choose a photographer who is familiar with your
chosen venue, whether it is one of those cape and island weddings or traditional church weddings. Familiarity with the area can be why having a recommendation from a venue such as Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce can be helpful. Do not forget to make sure that you like the photographer as well, as you will be spending a lot of your wedding day with them. You will also need, of course, to compare rates for packages, fees, and overall prices. Find out how long the retouching and editing stage may take. Ask about the rights you will have to the photographs afterwards as well. Can you print additional prints, or does that cost extra?