Saturday, October 1, 2016

Baby, Baby! Board Book Review & #Giveaway

What an absolute sweet book.  
Great illustration and lovely poem.

You baby will love this book!

A sweet, colorful board book that appeals to a baby's interest in looking at other babies
Babies enjoy books, looking at other babies, and their own flowering abilities. This short rhyming poem combines all three in a sweet and happy way, while introducing babies to God's love for them. The simple words are paired with colorful images of babies engaging in familiar activities, allowing the book to be used as an introductory concept book as well. And it ends with a reminder that Baby is always loved by God.

And the get to win one!

Of course, if you just can't wait to win it, you can buy over here: Buy Me!

If you want to try to win, then use this handy dandy giveaway to try!!!


Jessica Miller


Natalie Schilla

Ny favorite was Where the Wild things are


I loved The Little House book as a child! I can still remember the cover and how I felt reading it.


One of my favorite childhood books was Charlotte's Web.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


My favorite book as a child was Old Yellar.


Yakamo3x3 instagram username

Julie Waldron

My favorite childhood book was Ramona The Pest.

Debbie Jensen

Little house on the Prairie was my favorite

Becky VanGinkel

Thank you so much for the chance!! My Instagram name is @babydjs_mom

Becky VanGinkel

My favorite childrens book growing up was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. When I got a bit older, my favorite book was Where The Red Fern Grows :)


I follow you on Instagram - psfpsf


I loved all the Dr. Seuss books and Goodnight Moon!

Holly Lawson

Instagram - hollydlteacher

Holly Lawson

I always loved Old Hat, New Hat. It was my first book I learned to read and now I read it to my kids!

Janet Boyanton

The Little Train that Could.

Tracie Michelle Cooper

My instagram is @traciemichelle05

Tracie Michelle Cooper

My favorite is Are You My Mother? by Dr Suess and my email is

Laurie Nykaza

Laurie Nykaza

Charlotte's Web book and movie are my kids favorite

Angela Saver

My Instagram handle is Angela.saver

Angela Saver

Charlotte's Webb is my favorite childhood book! Thanks for the chance!