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#Free Slice of Pizza

Doesn't get much better than free! And who doesn't like Sbarro? Click the box & sign up. I did!

Sears Cheer Review & Giveaway! Boo-Yah!

I love Christmas. What's not to love? Decor. Fun. Festivities. Food. Not to mention the birth of Jesus. I was in need of some updated decor so Cheeks & I headed to Sears Christmas Shop . This is what we encountered when we got there: A bevy of Christmas Trees. Loved! We could hear music, specifically the Charlie Brown Christmas Theme, so we walked through the Christmas Shop & ran smack dab into this:   See Snoopy on the mailbox, well everytime the mailbox opened, Woodstock was in there & would peek out.  Snoopy & Woodstock were also playing the music. I think that would be great to put out in the front yard.  Don't think that you have to go to the store to get all those great blow up's & trees. No way, Jose... Sears Christmas Shop has a great variety of everything online. Not to mention they have what they call the Sears Cheer Headquarters (psst...don't tell but there is even a sweepstakes you can enter). Of cours

The Heart of Christmas: Review & Giveaway

I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving. So much so that I feel it should really get more alone time than it does. You know, not rush from Halloween to Christmas & sort of gloss over Thanksgiving. Although I feel like that I do love Christmas & an opportunity to review "The Heart of Christmas" came to me (along with a giveaway...more on that later) This movie...premiering of GMC in December is wonderful and heartwarming. It's based on a true story (which I am always a sucker for). Here's the story: The Heart of Christmas Dax Ryan Locke, born to Julie and Austin Locke on June 26, 2007, was diagnosed with AML M7, a rare form of leukemia, when he was 13 months old. The Heart of Christmas is set in Washington, Illinois and at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, one of the world's premier centers for the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other deadly diseases in children. Told in flashback from the perspective of Megan (Candace

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You'd be nuts not to try new FiberPlus Nutty Delights. It's chocolate, it's crunch, it's everything you need! Try it out with a coupon for 70 cents off. What're you waiting for? Get Your Coupon!!

Just in Time for the Holidays: UPS My Choice

Get delivery that fits your life! Get alerts before packages arrive, electronically authorize packages for drop-off, re-route to other locations and many other options. Best program ever.  I signed up for's totally free & it's helping know when I should expect things instead of guessing.  Love it!

#Holidays are coming; Don't miss your package!

Get delivery that fits your life! For Free! Get alerts before packages arrive, Electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options.

*~*Hot*~* #Free Carseat Canopy *~*Hot*~*

Get a Free Carseat Canopy (a $49.95 value)! Click "Shop Now", select any canopy you would like. You will automatically be directed to the "shopping bag" where you can enter the promo code " BABYSAVINGS " You can use the code more than once - you just have to open a new browser/window to do so.  

Planning a Winter Getaway? Get these...#FREE !!

These are great for winter getaways. Or Great for kids to use in projects. Either's a win, win. Yes!

It's back!!!!!!

Tis true! The book is back. Totally you something to dream about or better yet...a book, if you don't use it, for your kids to use for school projects or what not. Score! Click on that pic & get yourself one.