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Baptism + = Beautiful Sophistication

As some of you who read my personal blog know, I am LDS. In the LDS church, children are blessed as infants and baptized at 8 years old. Mormons feel this is the age that children can make the decision between right and wrong. Guess whose 8? That's right...Cheeks. Of course, getting baptized is a big deal. Hence...celebration. Par-tay! So...I checked out Oh my goodness...beautiful is an understatement. They have it all. From baptisms to kids parties to showers to weddings. Matter of fact, not to get side tracked like I am apt to do, but they are offering a fabulous brand new collection of their new wedding invitations .  I am a sucker for beautiful invitations.  Especially since Bobster and I just went to the local yokel JOP & got married.  Nary an invitation was sent.  So I have wistful urges to throw a big shindig with gorgeous invitations, etc.  If I ever decide to do it, I am getting them from Ok, back to what I was discussing. Told