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The Listerine Reach Challenge, Are You Ready?

This challenge could not have come at a better time for this household. Why do you say that, you ask? Take a look: That's right. The 5yo lost his first tooth (his first tooth to come in as well..I'm distraught but that's another post). My family and I were challenged by Listerine and Reach to improve our oral health. I was up for it and since what I say goes, so was my family. The first thing the Cheeks wanted to try was his new toothbrush that Reach provided.  It's a Batman toothbrush.  Perfect for the Superhero obsessed child that he is.  The piece de resistance: Not only was there a picture of Batman on the front but after I explained how mouthwash works (that you get to spit), Cheeks had enthusiam oozing out of his pores. He has added mouthwash to his morning and nightly brushing routine.  It is going great! For the rest of the family I informed them of a few things I learned: Brushing your teeth alone misses the germ

Neosportin Essentials

I have found Mecca & it is in the form of Neosporin Essentials. Let me tell you this trial pack comes with: Daily Body Wash ~ Love! Daily Moisturizing Cream ~ Hello? Fabulous! And Anti Itch Cream ~ God send. Seriously. Being a fair haired, pasty Irish lass I suffer from eczema. So does the Cheeks. Where is his? Behind his ears. Can you stand it? The Daily Moisturing Cream is awesome.  I put a little behind his ears before bed & in a few short was on it's way to going bye, bye. I love the Anti Itch cream.  Some days I get no relief and I rub this on and it's great.  Kills the itch in minutes.  Ah, relief. I use the Daily Body Wash as a precaution.  It seems to be doing the trick. Just so you know, my eczema is mild as is the Cheekers. Definitely check Neosporin Essentials out. You will not be disappointed! *I received a free t

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Food on the Table Special Offer!!!! Limited Time.

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Walgreens Prescription Saving Club

This post brought to you by Walgreens . All opinions are 100% mine. In this day age I think most Americans take some sort of maintenance drug and/or need at least one prescription a year.  I know I do.  I take 2 pills a day, maintenance drugs.  Without I would be a blubbering mess with severe stomach pain. I am fortunate enough to have a decent prescription plan.  Bobster, not so much.  He has nothing.  Nada. Zilch.  Don't ask why, it's too long to go into.  This is why we were happy to find out about Walgreens Prescription Savings Club .  For only $35 a year, a family membership covers everyone in our immediate family, including spouses (that would be me & the Bobster) plus our dependents under 22 and ...PETS! Walgreens is the first drugstore that I know of to provide some sort of discount on pet medication.  Not to mention, an individual membership is $20 ... that's a spavings right know spend/save...spave. Even

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Celtic Woman "Believe" Cd & Dvd Review & Giveaway

Did you know that I am Irish? Meghan Kathleen I am. Red hair. Green eyes. Fair skin. Did you know that red hair, green eyes, is not all that common in Ireland? Tis true. I was there a few years back.  I think I saw one red head. That brings me to why I am here today. Celtic Woman. I love to sing.  Although no one I know appreciates my singing...I usually get told it sounds like cats dying.  Whatever that means. Now these women, they can sing. Their voices harmonize so magnificently together. Truly a delight to the ears. I was lucky enough to get a copy of their brand new cd & dvd. Love it! Even Bobster said he enjoyed the dvd.  I think it was because they are all knockouts...tee hee. Did you know that since their formation in 2004, Celtic Woman's CD and DVD releases have been enthusiastically embraced by a large and ever-increasing audience, and their concert tours have become major events, while a series of Celtic Woman concert specials on the U.S. Pu

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