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It's National Dairy Month...Let's Have a Giveaway!

Remember this sneak peak from my Facebook page? What? You don't? Well you really should go like me on Facebook!  You will have you chance though. What I want to tell you is that June is National Dairy Month. Gosh I love, love, love dairy. I think if I was lactose intolerant I would just eat it anyway & suffer. That's how much I love dairy. I especially love yogurt and my latest obsession is Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is made with milk and an active yogurt culture. Actually, it takes about four gallons of milk to make a gallon of Greek yogurt. Like all yogurt, it is a good source of calcium. Before its packaged, Greek yogurt is strained to remove some of the excess whey, resulting in a creamier, thicker, more satisfying yogurt.  Although brands vary, compared to regular non-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt typically has twice as much protein, less sugar, and less lactose.   DID YOU KNOW….that Greek yogurt is…. ·          More Filling –The addition

Winner Alert! Winner Alert!

It's time to name the winner of the Jack The Giant Slayer Blu-ray combo pack. Tammy Dalley! Congratulations girl. Thanks to everyone who entered & stay tuned for the next giveaway. *Tammy has 48hrs to contact me.  If I do not hear from her within 48hrs I will pick a new winner.

Guest Post: Why You Should Send Your Child to Preschool

I am a strong advocate of preschool.  Not only for the education value your child gets but for the sanity break you get! Here is a great guest post as to what great benefits preschool has! Every parent has the option of sending their child to preschool or to wait until kindergarten starts to send their child to school. Sending your young child to toddler school in Irvine is a good idea for many reasons. If you are at the point where you need to make the decision, consider the following things before you keep your child at home. The Benefits of Preschool   Preschool is a great way to prepare your child for school so that they will not be left behind in the rush of kindergarten or elementary school. First, it gets them ready socially. It is a difficult adjustment for small children to be away from their parents all day. It is also difficult to spend the day with a teacher and other classmates. Preschool will get your child ready for this so they are calm and composed o

Guest Post: Vital Backpacking Equipment to Have

This is a special guest post. As my readers know...I do camp.  You know in a RV with a bathroom and a/c. It's just how I roll. As for backpacking, well I have big dreams of backpacking through Europe but then I realize I am middle aged and over weight so that dream was shot to crap immediately. However I have three strong boys ranging from 19 down to six. So this post is for them, well, you too of course. Without further adieu: Backpacking is one of the great American pastimes. One of the reasons that backpacking is so popular among sports enthusiasts is because the United States has such wild, unexplored and remote areas. To the person seeking adventure, there is a plethora of it to be found in the American wild. Before you set out to find adventure, however, you will need a few things to get started. Although even the most strenuous hikes are achievable, the wilderness can prove dangerous and challenging without the proper equipment. This article will discuss wh

Yummy in my Tummy

For those of you who have been reading both of my blogs , you probably know Cheeks has ADHD.  So along with some medicine I am in the process of changing not just his but all of the family's diets.  Much to their chagrin but buck up family, it's good for you. Recently I had the chance to try some Yummy Health products.   I was excited because these are good for you foods that taste good.  What more could a mom want?  Well a non picky eater for one thing, which I have the ultimate picky eater. Needless to say he wouldn't try the Yummy Chocolate Bar  or the Yummy Snack Chips. Fine. Suit yourself. I'll try them. I tried the Snack Chips first.  I did sneak them into Cheeks lunch bag for a snack.  He brought them home opened with just two eaten.  I can't say I blame him on that.  The snack chips were not my favorite.  They are 90% cheese, which is awesome.  It's just both Cheeks and I felt they were really powerful flavor.  I like my cheese, as

Giveaway: Jack & The Giant Slayer Blu-Ray Combo Pack

I am lucky enough to be able to giveaway on Blu-ray Combo Pack of Jack & The Giant Slayer. Yay! The the blue-ray, dvd & the ultraviolet.  Woo hoo. Have you seen it?  Wanna see it? Now's your chance to own it. Check it out. Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom and its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend... and gets the chance to become a legend himself! Directed by Brian Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) Starring: Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy), Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!), and Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones).   You have the power! Control the moving GIFs and power the action in the movie with a swipe of your mouse! The Giant Soundboard lets you compose your own mashup of sounds

Guest Post: The Key Elements of Feng Shui

Are you struggling to find peace and happiness in your life? The ancient practice of feng shui can help you find the balance necessary to find happiness and reach even your largest goals. How can you practice feng shui? There are many books on Feng Shui available that go into great detail explaining the processes of implementing the elements of feng shui. Before you can learn how to implement them, you must understand the five key elements that Feng Shui divides the world into. Wood Wood is the first element of feng shui and it is thought to harness the power of creativity. Wood represents birth, growth, strength, flexibility, and intuition. Like all the other elements, the key is to find a balance in the amount of wood present in your life. Too much can make you feel overwhelmed, stubborn, and inflexible; while too little can create a lack of creativity, depression, or stagnancy. The shapes, colors, and textures of trees, flowers, and plants can bring more wood into your life.

Bhoten Zebrawood Sunglasses #Giveaway

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Awesome Appaman Summer Threads #Giveaway

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Modera: A New Fashion Social Network

All new fashion social network with less clutter than all the rest!

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Skin Essence Organics #Giveaway

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Kids Bowl Free this Summer is Back!

KIDS BOWL FREE ALL SUMMER! Summer fun is just around the corner, and so are we. Sign-up for Summer Unplugged and Summer Pass now! Free bowling for kids all summer long! Kids registered in the Summer Unplugged program can bowl two games per day, every day, all summer long! Sign up today! Free Bowling: Click Me!

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Free Flatbread at Chilis

I don't know about you BUT my fav chain restaurant is Chilis. Everything I have ever had there is always yummers. Now that the weekend is coming, print off the coupon to get your free flatbread. Tell me what is your fav thing to eat at Chilis.

New Survey Site: Panel Pay Day

  A new survey site to enter.   You know I love me a survey site to earn some extra money to help with Christmas.   I joined. Are you ?   Just clicky the box & join away!

It's time for Summer Samples!

  Free samples. In your mailbox. All. Summer. Long.   Doesn't get much better than that, does it?   I've signed up. I got my samples.   Samples are always a great thing to have to pack to take on vaca. That way you use, toss and more room in the suitcase for chotkes to bring back with you.   Go. Sign up!

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