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Win a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker!

Let's start off 2013 by winning! Click the ad up there, enter & get your chance to win a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker. I love, love, love my slow cooker and could always use another one so I am off to enter!

How YOU can pay for the Holidays 2013!

For the past couple years I have done programs on the 'net to help pay for the holidays. Also helps pay for other things through out the year. I want to share with you what I do to help offset the cost of the holidays. I will not tell you about any programs that I do not have experience with and know that they do pay.  The first program I do is S wagbucks . I love, love, love me some Swagbucks . It's a search engine that you can earn "bucks" on to turn into prizes.  You do searches, you win bucks, you cash out. You can also do the daily poll, the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO), surveys & other opportunities.  They also now offer shopping. I average about 450 points every two weeks which I then cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card.  That's the best deal in my opinion but they offering all kinds of gift cards and Paypal options plus goodies you can cash out for.  Totally up to you. At work, my homepage is Swagbucks & I search everything

#Win! Kitchen Aid Mixer!!

Click the box. Easy Entry. Enter. Get a chance to win. Easy Peasy, Cottage Cheesy!

No Rest for The Weary!

Christmas Day 2012 has come to an end. Mine was fabulous...thank you for asking. Ha! It's now time to start saving for next year. I have been a member of Send Earnings for awhile. They do pay. It's clicking on emails (easy), doing surveys (you're already killing time on the net, earn some moola while doing it), search (why not!) & of course, offers. I have gotten paid by them & what's a better way to make some cash then by sitting on your tush doing it. Click the box & join peeps!

Kelloggs Rewards ~ Have You Signed Up?

Save up to $20.00 on your favorite Kellogg's Brands and More!

Portable North Pole ~ A Must for Your Little One

My littlest one is 6. He is my believer. We do the Elf on the Shelf...his name is Chipper. We sit on Santa's lap. We leave cookies & milk. I don't want him to ever doubt the "magic" of Santa. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Portable North Pole . I am so glad I was able to give it a go. Cheeks needs a little more help in staying off the naughty list.  Not only does it reinforce the need to stay on the nice list, it's also fun as all get out!!!! And as a plus, each time a Portable North Pole product is purchased, 5% of the sale price will go directly to affiliated children’s hospitals in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and France.  Total score right there.  I was able to personalize the video Cheeks saw.  I uploaded a photo of him, gave some info for Santa to relay to Cheeks and hit send. Extremely easy & quick. Portable North Pole has several "packages" to pick from. Check 'em out! Portable North Pol

Review: Ranger Rick Jr - Magazine for Kids

Do you have an elementary or even preschool child in the house? If so...HOLLA YO! I am so street, am I not? Anyway, recently I was given an opportunity to review Ranger Rick Jr . magazine. I am so glad I got this opportunity. Cheeks is a developing reader and this magazine kept his interested and was easy for him to sound out the words as we read it together. Not to mention, he learned so much about Lions in this particular issue. Plus other Wacky Facts, like giraffes only sleep 6-10 minutes at a time.  Sort of like me, when Cheeks was little. What's even cooler...if you have an iPad you can get the new Ranger Rick Appventures .  “ Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures” is an innovative digital storybook series that spotlights a different animal in each app – from lions and pandas to penguins and other favorites – as kids explore an interactive photo story, play games, and create pictures, music, and their own tales. The premier Appventure features Ricky Raccoon and h