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How YOU can pay for the Holidays 2013!

For the past couple years I have done programs on the 'net to help pay for the holidays. Also helps pay for other things through out the year.

I want to share with you what I do to help offset the cost of the holidays.

I will not tell you about any programs that I do not have experience with and know that they do pay. 

The first program I do is Swagbucks.
Search & Win
I love, love, love me some Swagbucks.

It's a search engine that you can earn "bucks" on to turn into prizes.  You do searches, you win bucks, you cash out.

You can also do the daily poll, the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO), surveys & other opportunities.  They also now offer shopping.

I average about 450 points every two weeks which I then cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card.  That's the best deal in my opinion but they offering all kinds of gift cards and Paypal options plus goodies you can cash out for.  Totally up to you.

At work, my homepage is Swagbucks & I search everything.  EVERYTHING!   I would definitely check it out!

Next up: Opinion Outpost
I've been a member since 2009.  Love it.  It's surveys only.  They pay in points which you can turn in for a check, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or even donate to charity.

Remember, you will not always qualify for surveys but if you do not, Opinion Outpost will give you another chance to earn 10, 20 or 120 points by "opening" a virtual door to see if you won that way.  I have won quite a few points that way.

In 2012 I may almost $100 dollars through Opinion Outpost.  I cashed my points in for Amazon gift cards.

Then we have MyPoints.

I have been a member of MyPoints since 1998.  I usually earn a few gift cards a year. 

This year I earned enough gift cards to cash out for a $25 g/c to Target & a $10 g/c to Shell...the Shell we put in our oldest child's stocking as he bought his first car this year.  Nothing better than free gas!

MyPoints definitely pays and I've never had an issue with them for anything.  Great customer service.

You earn simply by reading some emails, doing a few surveys and if you want, doing offers.

It doesn't get any better than that!

If for some reason you click on the link & decide to join & they ask you for a referral name, will you use my name: mkw70.  If not, it's cool.  I just like spreading the info so we can earn our "cash" for the holidays!

Last but not least: Send Earnings

I've been with them for about 2 years.

Same concept as the others.  Do searches, offers, read emails, click surveys, earn points.

I took a backseat on this one this year so I didn't earn much but I did manage to eek out a $30.00 check.  Not too shabby for just "fartin" around with it.

Send Earnings is definitely a program that I will vouch for any day.

Hopefully some of these you will check out.

And, hey, if you know of any, let me know & I will join.

I love earning free does my family.

Leave me a linky in the comments!


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