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Happy Halloween

Review & #Giveaway: STRONG and KIND: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed by Korie Robertson

I have always admired the Robertson Family. They have maintained their values while being on a reality show. Who are the Robertson Family you ask? Duck Dynasty. They are a strong, close family with conservative views. I don't always agree with everything they believe but I admire them for not changing their beliefs in the face of diversity. I am happy to say that Korie Robertson has written her fourth book & yours truly got to review it. Yay! This book has changed my family for the better. It has made us focus on what really matters and is helping us install qualities we want to see in our children. About the book:  Hardcover; 240 pages Publisher: Harper Collins Christian Publishing (October 27, 2015)  In her new book  STRONG and KIND: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed , Korie Robertson - New York Times bestselling author, wife of Duck Commander® CEO Willie Robertson, star of A&E's  Duck Dynasty , and mother of f

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 : Review & #Giveaway

Buck Denver. Remember that name. Buck. Denver. Your little ones will know his name, so you better memorize it. Recently, I was fortunate it enough to get to see a preview of the new movie, Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9.  What a cute movie.  For those of us old enough to remember, it will remind you of the specials from the 60's & 70's that would play on television around Christmas.  Made me feel like I was about 5 years old when I was watching it. This movie has great humor, action, campiness and a has been extremely influenced by Star Trek.  That's just my take on it anyway. This movie has a great message and is definitely for the six and under set.  The characters keep reminding the viewer that God wants us to do big things but the message is a bit construed by Buck.  A helpful "alien" helps him figure out the true message. Check out this preview: Here's a bit about the movie: Buck Denver has a simple dream - to save the galaxy.

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Mom’s Syllabus for Balance

The school year is in full swing, which means you’re back to the daily family grind – get everyone out of bed, pack lunch, make the bus, help with homework and then do it all over again! But while you work to balance everyone’s schedules, you can lose sight of your personal balance and keeping calories in check. Brought to you by Coca-Cola, they've  partnered with fitness expert Ramona Braganza to create Mom’s Syllabus for Balance During the School Year, with fun, simple tips, including: ·           Working cardio into your carpool (hint – don’t always look for the closest parking spot!) ·           Burning calories while standing in line at the grocery store (or anywhere!) ·           Enjoying your favorite foods and drinks in moderation (because you know avoiding your faves don’t work!)

BOGO Atkins Coupon

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All The Ways to Bays #Sweepstakes

Everyone has their favorite “WAYS” to enjoy the delicious taste of BAYS English Muffins. BAYS signature taste has been enjoyed thousands and maybe millions of different ways over the years. We’re out to discover your favorite Ways to Bays and share them with the world using our first-ever Pinterest promotion.  Enter for a chance to win 1 of 4 small kitchen appliances — a non-stick panini press, a deal breakfast sandwich maker, a non-stick electric griddle or a mini-prep food processor will be given away each day.  You can enter to win every morning from October 4 to October 31, 2015. Find Bays English Muffins in the refrigerated dairy case at your favorite store and check out our website at for delicious recipes, inspiration and more.