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Baby Einstein Discover Kit Winner!

The lovely winner of the Baby Einstein Discovery Kit is Heather R I Like Baby Einstein on Facebook and told them you sent me! Congrats sister!

Wanna raise an Einstein? Then check out this giveaway!

When Cheeks was little we had a few Baby Einstein dvd's floating around the house. He loved them! As did I. Baby Einstein is definitely not a company that makes mindless babble for a baby to watch. I know some are opposed to tv for little ones but I believe all things in moderation...unless it's donuts, then game on for everyone. I digress. Here's the "official" release: Baby Einstein, an award-winning leader of infant products, proudly adds three new products – Baby Lullaby, Neptune’s Oceans & World of Rhythm - to its line-up of recently unveiled Baby Einstein Discovery Kitson February 22, 2011. Baby Einstein Discovery Kits, which are specifically designed for babies up to two-years of age, help parents introduce babies to the beautiful worlds of classical music, nature and the arts through integrated multimedia kits. Baby Einstein Discovery Kits (which are each packaged to include a Baby Einstein DVD, a music CD and either a book or Discovery C

Ever Misheard Something

Have you ever misheard somethng that was said? I do. All the time. Apparently, these situations happen at preschool as well. My son's preschool to be specific. Of course it was my son who was misheard & he was very offended about. Last week Bobster & I went to pick up Cheeks from school. Now let me preface this with saying he watched the movie Transformers II.  It has some adult language and we have told him he is not to repeat what he hears. So the young, senior in high school, who is in his room approaches me & Bobster to tell us our angelic boy said a naughty word. She was turning about 40 shades of red. So I asked "What did he say?" She's himming, hawing. Finally she says, in barely a whisper, "He said penis" Bobster says "Well we are teaching him the proper terminology for his parts.  How did he use it? Did he say it hurt?" The girl, bashful beyond belief, casts her eyes down & says "I'm not sure, Mis

Valentines is coming, get the dirt but keep it clean!

Much to my chagrin, Valentines Day is coming. Yea, yea, I know. Love & roses. Yadda yadda. I'm not a big fan. I am a big fan of dirt tho. Dirt like gossip. Celeb gossip that is. Love it. Don't you? What better way to get the celeb gossip then to enter the Clorox Get the Dirt but Keep it Clean Sweepstakes for a trip for 2 to Hollywood! Woo! Here are just a couple of the many tips from Clorox: * Nothing says “I love you” like roses. Want to enjoy those flowers longer than a celebrity romance? Just add ¼ teaspoon of Clorox® Regular-Bleach to each quart of cold water you put in the vase. (Didn't know this...this one is a good one!) * Got a stain from a heart-shaped chocolate on your favorite whites? It’ll come out in a snap once you add ¾ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach to the hot water and detergent in your washing machine To get more tips from Clorox be sure to click here: Get the Dirt but Keep it Clean  & enter the sweepstakes to win that trip for