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We all have choices, lets make them Healthy Choices

I must let the public know, Bobster & I, we are overweight. I know. It's shocker right. For those that have never seen a photo of us I am sure you pictured us as Vin Diesel & Cindy Crawford. Wait? You didn't. That must be my own dreams.   I digress. We need to get healthier. Both of us.   So in addition to talking weekly walks with the family (yes we do that!) we need to eat better & recently I was given the opportunity to try out a couple Healthy Choice meals.  These work out great for me because I love a hot meal for lunch and even though I have a kitchen at work you can't really "cook" in there unless it's microwavable...which these meals are.  SCORE! This week at work I tried the Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees Honey Balsamic Chicken (yes I know that is a pic of another entree but work with me).  It cooked in a jiff and it was tasty.  Not to mention it smelled so good that even my coworkers asked what I was eating and who made it

Guess What??!!! Guess What??!!!

This post brought to you by ogilvy . All opinions are 100% mine. That's what! Remember that joke when you were a kid? No? Perhaps it was a Jersey thing. Anyway I digress, I am here to tell you about a new app for your iPad. Ooolala. Meghan, what is it you ask? It's called the collection .  It's a month "appazine" that will explore globally relevant topics (i.e. the recent royal wedding!)  It's also going to be the first appazine to simultaneously be published in English, Chinese & German. The appazine will have an interactive design which will allow you, the user, to have an experience like you've never had before. Not only will include articles, videos, photos & audio, it will also 3D animation, panoramic photography, creative morphing, Xray lens (which Cheeks would love because then he'd be a true superhero!) & much, much more. Best of all, there is a contest & you c

We have a graduate in the house

How is it possible that my baby, the baby I waited so long to have, will be graduating preschool in a month? He's only 4 1/2...when did he turn that age? Im excited for him. Worried about all the normal school worries that come with sending your child off to school. I never imagined he would grow up in such a short time. Really, 4 1/2 years is like a blink of the eye. Sigh. Of course, I want to let my family know he will be graduating. It's a big step for him. No longer a baby. In big boy school like his least that is what he tells me. Then I tear up. Anyway, thankfully Tiny Prints has some of the cutest announcements, cards etc around. Tiny Prints provides stylish, modern and unique graduation stationery including graduation announcements , graduation invitations ,and thank you cards for teens. When graduation season has come and gone Tiny Prints will still be here to fill all your stationery needs with their exclusive designs from the nation&#

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