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A Decade of Visions Book Tour & Giveaway

A Decade of Visions by Cameron Ramses Genre: Historical LGBT Romance Born to a single mother in Dust Bowl-era Nebraska, Roy Manger learns to deny his true self from an early age. The rural Midwest is no place for a boy who wears girls’ clothes for fun—let alone for one who suffers gruesome hallucinations. It is only when he leaves home that he can embrace his true identity, spending his days as Roy and his nights as Raina, working as an escort in a ritzy Chicago bordello. But after a run-in with the law, Roy is torn between extremes: to live as a man or as a woman; to ignore his grief or struggle to accept it; to suppress his visions or seek to understand them. With the support of Woodrow, a convict with a murky past, Roy will have to come to terms with the fact that, in life, all of the greatest joys must come from within—and the greatest dangers, too. A Decade of Visions contains adult content suitable for mature readers only. There are also instances of

Straight to Hell Blitz & Giveaway

Straight to Hell Jane Hinchey Publication date: October 31st 2017 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Everything you think you know is about to change. My name is Lucifer. You can call me Lucy – I’m also known as the Devil and Satan, though why my idiot brothers came up with those nick names is beyond me. I’m a Guardian Angel and I run Hell. Yup, I’m the CEO. Hell is easy. Hell runs like a well-oiled machine. Punishment befitting your sins is carried out and once your sentence is done, voilĂ , you get to go to Heaven. Simple. Easy. Until suddenly there’s a blip on the radar. A breach. Some numb nuts on earth is trying to open a portal to another dimension. A very bad, very terrifying, very deadly dimension. So instead of my simple life in Hell, I end up earth side, where nothing is as it seems, looking for the soul stealing monster, avoiding the grumpy angel sent from Heaven and finding out my brothers Michael and Gabriel are twats. That last part’s not true – I’ve known they

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An Unconventional Mr. Peabody Book Tour & Giveaway

An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody by D.L. Gardner Genre: Paranormal Humor  Rockford Peadlebody dies in a train wreck while traveling with his family, (a rather dysfunctional lot of half-blood vampires) after a flood in Mississippi washes their home away. Once his brother Gerald, his wife Ginger, and son Raymond reach grandpa's estate in Ohio, they are surprised by the news that grandaddy Benjamin Peadlebody has also died. They are now heirs to the infamous Peadlebody manor and all its peculiarities, including the butler, a reserved, tattooed, muscle-man named Richard Cottlebone,  It seems fishy to Gerald that two untimely deaths in the family happened within a week. Yes, Rockford's demise was of his own doing, but Benjamin's? Perhaps the butler, knows more than he's letting on? To prove himself worthy, since he failed to live up to old Benjamin's standards when he was alive, Gerald goes about to unravel the thread of Papa's death

The Billionaire's Ploy Blitz & Giveaway

The Billionaire’s Ploy Allie Burton (Castle Ridge, #5) Publication date: October 25th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance All’s fair in love and business. Billionaire Jackson Croft refuses to let anything interfere with his merger and marriage plans. His merger. His brother’s marriage. When Emory Barrington returns to Castle Ridge and catches his younger brother’s attention, Jackson needs to take drastic steps to stop the flirtation. Even if it means using himself as bait. As a child Emory was infatuated with the younger Croft brother, so when he invites her to a party she can’t resist. Until Jackson interrupts their dance, tries to bribe her, and then steals a kiss. A kiss that vibrates to her soul. To make up for the attempted bribe, Jackson offers her a job decorating his Denver penthouse. She’s just starting her interior design firm and can’t turn the business away even if it means working closely with the billionaire. The project turnaround is fast and the attrac

I Stole His Car Blitz & Giveaway

I Stole His Car Love At First Crime #1 by Jessica Frances Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense She stole his car, so he stole her heart… I saw something I never should have seen. I took something they wanted back. I was desperate. Alone. Hunted. So, I did something I never would have normally done. I stole a car. Not just any car. His car. Now I have no choice but to trust him. Only he can help me get out of this mess. Then, when we both become hunted, And when feelings begin to complicate things, Can I still count on his protection? Can I trust what is happening between us to be real? Because, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime. Goodreads * Amazon Jessica Frances is an Australian author who currently resides in South Australia. She is an avid reader and loves to write. She works full-time as a baker, so writing is her hobby done when she has the time. When she is not writing, y

The Cowboy's Make Believe Bride Blitz & Giveaway

The Cowboy’s Make Believe Bride Kristi Rose (Wyoming Matchmaker #2) Publication date: October 24th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Searching for a new future… Fortune “Fort” Besingame left ranch life years ago, joining the Navy to escape the shame of his father’s gambling addiction and the enormity of his losing the ranch on a bet. Now Fort has returned to Wyoming, to his mother’s ranch in hopes to start a new life. A former Military Police, he wants to run for Sheriff… but convincing the townsfolk Fort intends to put down roots in the small community is going to take more than words. He needs a bride. Running from the past… Cori Walters realizes she will never become the photographer she dreams of being in the town where her father’s – former mayor turned cattle rustler – legacy taints everything she attempts to accomplish. When her friend offers her a temporary job posing as a fiancĂ©, Cori decides going to Wyoming might be just the new start she needs. Until she

Mental Damnation: Dream Book Tour & Giveaway

Dream Mental Damnation Part 2 by Konn Lavery Genre: Epic Dark Fantasy Thought to be banished to the underworld by the humans, Krista mysteriously finds herself as the first of her kind to walk on the surface in centuries. This was caused by one of the underworld’s corrupt leaders, Danil, who uses her in an unholy ritual to set their people free. Danil’s infectious touch gives Krista the nightmarish disease known as Mental Damnation. She becomes the key interest of two men, Paladin and Dr. Alsroc, who struggle to make sense of her sudden appearance and how it relates to Mental Damnation. Her friend back in the underworld, Darkwing, abandons his gang to begin his search for her. Krista finds herself torn between two worlds, gaining acceptance among the humans while experiencing inner turmoil from hallucinations caused by her disease. These visions paint a hellish dream world known as Dreadweave Pass where the realm’s ruler, a corrupt god known as the We