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Dial for Men Facebook Sweeps

You can't win if you don't enter! Go!

Buy With Me

Have you heard about Buy With Me? They are like Groupon, Living Social. All the group buying sites. I love them. I belong to the local one for me (Philly) & you can always check out the deals in other cities. I am a huge fan of these group buying sites. So stop waiting & click the pic to sign up. It's free!

Hopping into Theaters...HOP

OMG! This is a must see. I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to "sneak peek" this adorable movie. It's all about E.B. and how he doesn't want to become the Easter Bunny so he leaves Easter Island. Fred (James Marsden) accidentally hits him with his car & the movie takes off from there. A really sweet, family movie. So many cute moments I lost count. My 4yo laughed out loud many times, as did the bazillion other kids in the theaters Not to mention the "Pink Berets" & "Carlos", lets just say I want a chick. One, preferrably, with a Spanish accent. Wait! I want a bunny too. Especially if it's as cute as the ones in the movie and of course, speak with an English accent. Hop will definitely be a movie that I buy for my Cheeks collection. Are you going to see it? Let me know.


Wanted to pass this along. I love Quizno's. Matter of fact my dad & I used to go every week until they closed the one by my job. Now my dad goes w/ my sister once a week. This is a great deal!

Nutella House Par-tay...Woot! Woot!

I was fortunate enough to get picked to host a house party. Woot! Woot! A Nutella house party. You know, the chocolate hazelnut spread. It was a hit! Due to some scheduling conflicts I actually held my party at my job. They are so good like that. This way I was able to get the word out to the mommies & daddies that I work with. Everyone had a blast! We talked about the nutrition aspect of Nutella. Did you know that for breakfast you can spread some yummers Nutella on waffles? Or make a roll up with a tortilla? Oh yes, yes you can. We all tasted the Nutella and everyone agreed it was pretty great. Of course, everyone loved their goody bags.  As seen above & below: I would like to thank Nutella , Mommy Parties & BSM Media for supplying me with the goodies for the party. Tell me, have you tried Nutella? What do you think? *I received no compensation other than supplies for my goody bag.  These are my honest opinions*

Spring has Sprung, Outdoor Decorating has Begun

This post brought to you by Pier 1 . All opinions are 100% mine. It's here.  Spring that is.  I can smell it, well really I know it's year b/c my eyes are burning and I am sneezing my head off but I am excited. Why? Thanks to Pier 1 I am all a twitter to get some decorating outside done, or inside for that matter b/c Pier 1 has furniture & decor that is for either indoors or outdoors!  Best of all, with Spring coming on March 20th Pier 1 is having a little in-store special to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  All you need to do is sign up for their newsletter: Sign up here to get invited to the par-tay . Pier 1 Outdoor newsletter . Of course when you get to Pier 1 you will be able to preview all the new stuff, like the great Easter decor, the retro yet new, trendy Papason's.  Do you remember these from back in the day?  I do, like the late 70's, early 80's.  They are just so comfy & I know the kids would  l

Chilis Free Queso & Chips

Headed out this weekend? Then this is for you! Cheeks & I usually go to lunch w/ the Grandpop on Saturdays & we love Chilis. Especially the Queso. OMG! So freakin good. So you can bet your sweet patootie I'll be printin this one out this weekend.

Plum District

Plum District is for savvy moms. I'm a savvy mom....ok, I like to think I am a savvy mom...tee hee. It's similar to Groupon. Great deals for cheap. Here's how it works: Check out the daily Plum Deal. If you like it, click the “Buy” button. Share the deal with friends and take advantage of a $10 Plum Dollar referral bonus for every friend you refer that purchases a Plum Deal. When you receive your email confirmation, just print out your Plum Certificate, bring it with you and enjoy your purchase! You do not have to share the deal with friends to actually purchase the deal. You can still "buy" the deal. I am signed up. Love it. Let me know if you've signed up. Here's my link: Plum District I will earn referrel points from your sign up but if you prefer to just sign up on your own, click this link: Plum District Hey, if you know of a buying group site, let me know in the comments. I love them!

Mr Food

I don't know about you BUT I love collecting recipes & trying them out. Matter of fact, I just bought a brand new cookbook from a blog that I constantly read. Made 2 recipes out of it just this week & Bobster loved both. SCORE! Here's another site I use for inspiration. I signed up under not my main email addy so I can sort of check it when I get to it kind of thing. What are you waiting for? Go. Sign up. Tell me, where do you get your recipes from?


What do you think of the new look? I've been dying for something new. More streamlined. I would love to get a personalized blog makeover BUT Sadly, I be broke as a joke! One place that I try to save money is at the grocery store. I rock Aldi & Shop Rite. At Shop Rite I use coupons & I get them from here: Love them! I save mucho dinero every week just from what I print here alone. Let me know if you have printed & saved. If you haven't, print some, give it a try & let me know how you fare. Ciao!