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8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids

Folks, forgot the other books you've read, other advice you've been given, this is the book to help you raise "great kids".  Just like it says. This book is broken down into eight "rules" chapters, that have sub-chapters. All relevant in this day and age. My favorite chapter is Influencing. What bigger influence do your children have than you? This chapter will help you learn how to speak to your child, how to really talk to them. Wonderful ways. Dr. Todd Cartmell is the author. Let's learn about the man behind this inspiring book: I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. We then moved to Columbus, OH, where I completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Wright State University at the Children’s Hospital. Since then, I have done my clinical work at Summit Clinical Services in Wheaton, IL, where I continue to see children, teens, and families on a full-time basis.  I have wr

Country Crock #MakeItYours

Who likes to cook? Who likes to bake? Who likes to order take out & pass it off as their creation? Hello, I am not the only one that has every done that, am I? Recently I was given the opportunity to try Country Crock. I received a coupon for a free tub. Glad I got to try it. I've used it on toast and it melts immediately, leaving behind the liquid margarine that is oh so yummy. Tonight I decided to make chicken pot pie. It calls for a rue. So I broke out the Country Crock. This made my rue so delish. Seriously, I could have just eaten that. It melted quickly over a very low heat & mixed up with the milk and flour in a jif. The Country Crock added a nice rich taste to the overall pot pie. I'd share a photo but it's gone. Muhahaha. Hey, it was Weight Watcher friendly, what can I say. Have you ever used Country Crock? Did you like it? Tell what you think.