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Guest Post: Vital Backpacking Equipment to Have

This is a special guest post.
As my readers know...I do camp.  You know in a RV with a bathroom and a/c.
It's just how I roll.

As for backpacking, well I have big dreams of backpacking through Europe but then I realize I am middle aged and over weight so that dream was shot to crap immediately.

However I have three strong boys ranging from 19 down to six.

So this post is for them, well, you too of course.

Without further adieu:

Backpacking is one of the great American pastimes. One of the reasons that backpacking is so popular among sports enthusiasts is because the United States has such wild, unexplored and remote areas. To the person seeking adventure, there is a plethora of it to be found in the American wild. Before you set out to find adventure, however, you will need a few things to get started. Although even the most strenuous hikes are achievable, the wilderness can prove dangerous and challenging without the proper equipment. This article will discuss what you will need to get started as a backpacker.

The Basics
First of all, you will need a backpack. There are a lot of different packs available, and you should probably try out several in your local sporting goods store to determine which one will work out best for you. One thing to consider is the size of bag in relation to the length of hike you will be going on. If you get a bag that is too big, you will be uncomfortable on the trail, and likely won’t fill the bag enough to warrant its size, or end up over-packing, causing unnecessary fatigue early on. As for help deciding what pack you should get if you are uncertain.

More Basics
The second most important element of staying safe on the trail is having a good sleeping bag. In the high wilderness, nighttime temperatures can plummet to below freezing, even during the summer months. To stay safe you have to get a sleeping bag that is warm enough to handle these temperatures as well as be light enough to haul around a mountain. The only other thing that is critical is your tent. Like your pack, smaller is typically better. When in the wild, your pack serves only as a place to sleep and keep you safe from elements. You won’t be spending a significant amount of time in it so getting a bigger shelter will only add to the weight of your pack. Any good sporting goods store in Baton Rouge should have all of these things and more, so start there rather than shopping online.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post*



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