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Made in America

I was lucky enough to be picked by Ripple Street to have a House Party.

My house is a bit on the small side, wait, teeny tiny side is more like it.  However, it's sweet, I like it but I digress.

I had my Made in America party at work.
Anything for a good time when you're working, right?

I received a free party pack to get my shindig started.
I got M&M's & Skittles to share.
I decided to make brownies & cupcakes for everyone.  I included the M&M's in the brownies and as extras on some of the cupcakes.
The rest went in a bowl for people to help themselves.  The cute bowl says Made in America & was included in the party pack.
The baggies, I put Skittles in so people could take back to their desk for a late afternoon snacker.

We had coupons to hand out, which were a huge hit, as was the food.  
Am I right that when you work in an office environment, when the food comes up, it livens the joint up?

These two...oh my these two...these are the men in my four person department.
They don't get out much but hell,they have a good time when they wanna.

Check out the sunglasses...from the party pack!

Finally, my boss and my girlfriend from another department wanted to get in on the gig.
Love these two.  

The M&M brownies went quickly, as did the cupcakes.  I love baking with them.  So versatile.  The Skittles were gone before I could say "Hey, I wanna make Pinata cupcakes with them!".  Did you know there is a recipe for Skittles Pinata Cupcakes.  Leave a comment if you'd like me to post the recipe.

Tell me, what do you like best...M&M's or Skittles?


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