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VTech Voices

I am proud to say that I was fortunate enough to be picked as a member of the VTech Voices team!!!

I am fortunate enough to have received a VTech Animated e-Book Reader. 
It comes complete with everything you need to set up & the first book you need.

When it arrived Cheeks saw it & was like "Open it! Open it!"

I finally got it open  & set up.
Super easy.
So easy, my soon to be 4yo can do.

We soon settled into our fav reading spot....the couch.
Cheeks snuggled in next to me & we explored the new reader.
Both of us fell in love.

As you can see from the above shot (my camera is broken, this was taken w/ my cell) Cheeks is laying on the couch using his new reader. 

This reader has so many wonderful features to it included with the books.
It highlights each word as the book reads to you & has music playing in the background.
As studies have shown music helps with memory.
It even has games that an immergent reader can play by touching the screen if he isn't recognizing words yet.  The games test the child's comprehension of what they just read.  Being an English and Elementary Ed major, reading comprehension is what I am all about & VTech has captured it in this great tool!

The VTech Animated e-Book is currently available at Target only. 
Check it out!  I'm telling you as a mommy of a preschooler  you will not be disappointed in this reader. 

VTech even has a Summer Reading Pledge.
I signed up....have you? Go here!

Actually what I really want to know is where is your fav place to read?
You?  Your little one(s)? I want to know where everyone in the whole fam likes to read.
Tell me, leave me a comment & let me know!!!


pam said…
The Beach!!


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