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Deck the Halls with Shutterfly Christmas Cards {Giveaway!!}

It's that time!
That time of year to start thinking about the Christmas cards you want to send.

I love to pick out Christmas card.
You can say I am slightly obsessed.
I've sent photo cards ever since I had Cheeks.
They are so fun & show off the fam.

I always turn to Shutterfly for my cards, too.
I've used them the last 4 years.
Cheeks is 5!  So that ought to tell you how happy I am with the quality and selection they offer.
Not to mention the great price.

This year I've been perusing Shutterfly to see what card I like best, so I can get them nice & early.

This one caught my eye:

How super cute is that card?
I love using black & white or even sepia colored photos then having them font add a splash of color.
So fun & whimsical (whimsical...see how I am using my English degree, Nice!)

Of course, being that we have 3 children, I do like to feature them separate.
I think this might be the last year that I can get the oldest to pose for me.
He's going to be 18 on did that happen?

I digress.
Check this card out.
Untraditional colors yet Christmasy & with 3 spots for individual photos:

Of course, Shutterfly has more than just Christmas cards.
You can get any type of greeting card.

Say you want to send a card to beat the rush.
Think Thanksgiving.
I've always wanted to send Thanksgiving cards.

How adorable is this one?

3 boys.
Just like my family.
Except this children are all clean & dressed up.
Not a super hero or Aeropostle shirt in site.
Ah, to dream.

Snapfish also does calendars, date books etc.
Check that stuff out here: Shutterfly.

The thought did cross my mind to actually send New Years Cards.
Thus surpassing the rush & giving the receiver a little "post Christmas cheer".

Out of all Shutterfly's selection of New Years cards, this one is my fav:

I could spend hours on Shutterfly picking out cards, calendars, photo gifts. 
Matter of fact, I have spent hours.
Then again I am a card & photo nut.

Now are you ready for you blog?
Want a chance to get 25 free cards for youself?

Register here: Document for your chance to blog and get 25 free cards.

If you'd like to win 25 cards as well, Shutterfly was kind enough to give me 3 codes for 3 of my readers to win 25 free cards.

So get to going.
Giveaway ends 11/01 at 8pm est.
*Disclosure: I was not compensate for this post. I was given cards for my personal use. All opinions are 100% mine*


Kim C. said…
I love the holiday lights so colorful and cute.
katie said…
My favorite card is the "Tis The Season Pattern Stitch" So cute!
Pauline MIlner said…
I like the Snowman Trio:

Thanks for the great giveaway.
Mychal B. said…
I like the Family Wall. It's perfect because I can never narrow it down to one picture so I love the option for multiples.
Angie said…
i like the funky snowflakes

angukena at yahoo dot com
Angie said…
i like the funky snowflakes

angukena at yahoo dot com
Unknown said…
I like the holiday collage 2011
My favorite card design is this one:

TheSuburbanMom said…
I love Happy Joy -
Mercedes said…
I love the Silvered Flake card with the gold. Gorgeous and elegant!

x0xenaa said…
I love the Family Wall Card!


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