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Got Men? You need the Best Shave Soap out there...

There they are.
Those men of mine.

Not another hormone filled female in my home to share the ins and outs of shaving with me.  One would think the boys (the 19yo & the 14yo...who has grown to be the same height as his brother in less than 6 months) would consult their father on what to use to shave shave soap , cream, gel.  Just look at their dad...hairy!  He usually has a full beard but will shave it off often.  Luckily that little one is not hairy...for now.

I digress.  The real issue is that facial skin needs TLC.  Those are some handsome boys and man that I have and I want to keep them looking good. 

After a small fiasco with the oldest son using my scented shaving gel for his face and breaking out like there is no tomorrow, he asked for my help.  I knew the day would come!  Finally.

I suggested good ole fashion soap but not just any soap...the Best Shave Soap you could get.  The worse thing to get is the skin on your face irritated.  Bobster, the handsome one in red up there, has been using best shave soap for years.  The skin on his face is like a baby's bottom.  He, like Tim, learned the hardway that irritation is a pain in the tushie and very unpleasant. 

The one thing with soap is you must take your time.  Slow down, enjoy the experience.  The slower you go, the more precise shave you get and the less likely you are to cut and nick yourself.  If you ask me, it also lets you enjoy the scent that some soaps come with.  I love the relaxing.

I tell the boys, especially the 14 yo who has just started to shave, to treat your face like a woman treats her legs.  With care.  Slow, easy and precise.  Treat the skin like that and look good always. 

The biggest lesson..don't chintz out on what you use.  Don't buy the mediocore soap.  Buy the best because you are the best.  Of course, this works out in their favor because "mom" or "the wife" will pick up the tab...for now. 

I'm not going to lie either...the best shave soap that I buy for the family is great.  So great that I will use it on my legs.  No, I do not use any of their razors.  Ok! Fine! Occasionally I have but not in a while (I got a good deal on some razors!!).  I find that the facial soap they use leaves my legs like their face, soft and smooth.  The perfect combination. 

So tell me, what do you use?  Or what does your man use?

*Disclaimer: While this is a sponsered post, my views and opinions are 100% my own*


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