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Wisteria Lane is Desperate for Gift Baskets

I <3 gift baskets.
Love to give them, love to receive them.

I remember the first one I ever made.
It was for a friend of mine going away for her freshman year of college.
I found a "bucket" and filled it with toiletries, health and beauty aides, note cards (this was before email made an appearance...yes I am THAT old) and some candy.  I wanted a personal touch, just like Wisteria Lane Gifts does with theirs.
Everyone needs candy their freshman year of college.

What I liked most about it was the personal touch that I took the time and energy to put into making it.  My girlfriend loved it.  The basket was such a hit that I went on to make many more gift baskets and put a personal touch on each one. 

Psst...Now do you get my title for this post...Wisteria Lane...Desperate...Desperate Housewives lived on Wisteria Lane! I kill me sometimes!

I digress...

The most fun I find in putting together gift baskets is trying to find that one special thing to pop in there.  Of course, buying them premade is just as great, especially if you are pressed for time.  I know I am pressed now that spring is here.  We have one car, two parents that work and two boys who play different sports and have all kind of things going on.  That's why now a days I rely on buying ones that I don't have to put together myself BUT I do put my thoughts into it.

It's great and refreshing to have a kick tushie gift that someone else put together. 

My sister, the Aunt Erin, made me a gift basket years ago when I bought my first home.  It was a baking theme because I love to bake.  She did such an awesome job with it, even her friends urged her to start a business making them.  Just in my basket alone, she had cookie sheets, spatulas, rolling pin (which I think she borrowed and never gave back) & of course, baking mixes.  Perhaps I will get another gift baskets for my birthday this year.  It's in July in case you are wondering.

Do you do gift baskets?
What makes them special?
Like to receive?
Or like to give?

Let me know!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsered post.  All opinions, views and materials are mine.


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