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Gold N Plump

When you hear Gold N Plump you think about?
My eye glaring tan & stunning figure...yes I thought so.

Seriously, you should be thinking chicken!

Oh. That's right, peeps.  Chicken.

Pure, of added solutions, like, ahem, hormones.

Gold N Plump chicken is farm raised in Minnesota and is now available in the Philadelphia area at Targets.

The people at Gold N Plump were nice enought to send me some chicken to try.
The first thing we tried was:

What was nice is that it's 4 chicken breasts in a package & they are individually wrapped. 
I ended up making the entire package because we were all home for dinner.

My 5yo said "Mom, I love this chicken"
I almost fell off my chair because he complains about everything unless it's a fruit snack or McDonalds.

The hubs said it was really good & so did the 18yo.
I liked it. 
A little peppery for my liking but I am not a big fan of pepper in general.

The chicken was very plump & moist.
I usually overcook chicken because I am worried about ecoli & salmonella but even with my "few minutes" longer, the chicken was still juicy.

I just heated it up in a pan, added some stuffing & veggies & viola dinner was served.

It was really nice to come home after work & not have to think about "dinner".  You know like how to make the chicken, what seasoning, etc.

Even if I did have to think about, Gold N Plump has a great website with recipes.  "Click Me for Recipes"

Here are just some ideas from the site:

I'll definitely be checkin out the heart shaped pizza...YUM~!

I love the fact that they are available in Targets.
Here are the Targets in the Philly area that carry Gold N Plump:

       Philadelphia SE (1 Mifflin St., Philadelphia)
       Philadelphia West (4000 Monument Road, Philadelphia)
       Philadelphia NE (11000 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia)
       Phila-Bridesburg (2701 Castor Ave., Philadelphia)
       Cheltenham (2450 Shoppers Lane, Philadelphia)
       Cherry Hill (2137 Route 38, Cherry Hill, NJ)
       Springfield (1200 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA)

Have you tried this chicken?
Let me know what you think!
You know I am nosey & am dying to know.

And that's all she wrote folks.

*I was provided samples of chicken.  All opinions are 100% mine.


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