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The Listerine Reach Challenge ~ How Did You Do?

My family has reached the end of the Listerine Reach Challenge?

Can I say...we rocked it!

Oh yes.
Yes we did.

Not only did the 5yo lose his 1st tooth at the beginning of the challenge but lost his 2nd tooth towards the end of the challenge.  Perfect timing to have him learn how important taking care of your adult teeth is!  Like we tell him, you don't get another set to grow in.  These are it.

Just take a look at that toothless smile!

He is totally loving the brushing of the teeth and the rinsing of the mouthwash.

This is his fav mouthwash:

The one that we received to sample has Batman on the front.  Now he runs the upstairs hallway swishing his mouth with his arm extended outward as if he is really the cape crusader.

As for the other men in my family, the 18yo just had his dental appt...perfect cavities.

He has taken to rinsing with Listerine at night as well as in the morning.  Listerine is not just to freshen the breathe, it also helps get the particles out from between the teeth.

Bobster has also kept up with the new regime.  I'm pretty impressed.

As the mom, I was the cracker of the whip to ensure everyone did the challenge, including myself.  I may have missed an occasional rinse but as soon as I remembered I was on it like creme in a Twinkie!

To check out the challenge & get fabulous tips go here:
Leave me a comment & let me know how you did with the challenge!

*I was compensated for this post & received free product.  All opinions 100% honest and mine*


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